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To instil the love for reading in our students

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Our newly renovated Media Resource Library

Opening hours:  8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Students can visit the MRL on their own during these times stated below:

First recess: 9.30 a.m.  to 10.00 a.m.
Second recess: 10.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.
After school hours: 2.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Students are to use their ezlink card to borrow a maximum of 1 English story book and 1 Mother Tongue story book.

About Us

Knowledge is Power! (KIP HUB) is the name of our new and revamped library at FTPPS. Facilities include a stage for performance, reading corners, an interactive iPad station and study areas. The aim of the MRL is to improve accessibility to books, promote a love of reading and develop the whole child in learning to read as well as reading to learn.

- Accessibility to Books

- Promoting the Library

- Developing the Child


1) Accessibility to Books

Collaboration with NLB 

Through the Whole-School Approach to Reading, the school is collaborating with National Library Board (NLB) to run the following programmes:

- Book Buzz Assembly Talk

- P1 & P2 Parents’ Workshop on Reading

NLB Mass Borrowing *Molly Bus 


*Students are to bring their student card or library card to borrow books from NLB

Class Bulk Loan

Every class is given a library class bulk loan for students to have access to books in class and to read the books during the Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading programme.

Read and Response Books

Every class will read the same titled book and all the students will be able to respond to the teachers’ questions and participate in the post-reading activities.

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Library Period

The P1 to P3 students are scheduled to go to the library once a week to either borrow books or have reading-related activities in the library. English periods are scheduled during the even weeks and Mother Tongue periods are scheduled during the odd weeks.

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2) Promoting the Library

Library Activity Day

Library Activity Day is conducted twice a month. Activities during the Library Activity Day include commemorations of NE events such as International Day, thematic book promotions, competitions, games and book-related activities during recess. One of the favourite games is the Amazing Race where students look for the books with the given call numbers. The first group to match the books with the call numbers will be declared the winner.

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The details for the Library Activity Day are as follows:





Know Your Library



The Secret World of Spies

7 & 21 Feb


Blast off into Space!

23 March


Celebrating Friendships!

Think Green!

5 April

12 April


Books To Movies

2 & 16 May

Explore Comics

17 May


SEA Games 2017

4 & 20  July


Celebrate Singapore

7 August

Teachers’ Day

29 August


All About Genres!

12 & 26 Sep

Book Display

Based on popular themes or authors, students are encouraged to borrow or read the books on display. Book displays are carried out at least once a month.

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Audio Stories 

Every Thursday, during recess, audio stories would be played for students to listen and enjoy. This is to encourage our reluctant readers to enjoy reading and eventually cultivate a love for reading.

3) Developing The Child

Student Librarians

Workshops are conducted to equip our student librarians with the leadership skills to promote the love of reading in class and assist their English teachers to build a reading culture in class. They are also scheduled to help out at the school library during recess.

Student librarians will also share stories during recess and play an active role in promoting the love of reading.

Student Librarians.jpg

Student Librarians attending the Mass Leadership Training Workshop

Reading Logs and Badges

Every student is given a reading log where he or she will take responsibility to track his or her reading and record them in the logs. Parents can get involved by reading together with their child or tracking their reading together. For every 5 books read, students can get a token. In addition, when the students have achieved their targets for the number of books read for the respective level, they may approach their English teacher for a reading badge. There are a total of 6 badges to collect.


For every 5 books read, a token will be given.
*These tokens are subject to stock availability

Buddy-Reading Programme

The buddy-reading programme pairs up our upper-primary students with the weak readers in the lower primary. The seniors will read aloud to the juniors before school every Thursday and Friday. This programme is led by our Learning Support Co-ordinators.