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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians

Warmest greetings!

A warm welcome, too, to all our students, especially our Primary 1 and Kindergarten 1 cohorts, and students who were transferred in.

2021 has been an arduous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with evolving safe management measures, Home-Based Learning and the demands of gradually living with endemic COVID-19. We are grateful that our staff, students and families have forged on with great positivity and resilience, and have largely coped well.

Despite the anxieties and uncertainties brought upon by COVID-19 and also being the first batch of Primary 6 cohort to take the PSLE under the new PSLE Scoring format, our 2021 P6 graduands have brought much joy to all of us. They have performed well in the PSLE and attained one of our best achievements in the PSLE, with 99% of the students graduating and moving on to secondary schools. 91% of them were posted to their first 3 choices of schools and 96% % of them were posted to one of their 6 choices. We wish them well in their endeavours and a new chapter in their education.

The school looks forward to a brighter 2022 as we strive towards achieving the best outcomes for our students. Our school theme for 2022 is “Learn for Life Through Joy of Learning”. Through this theme and aligned to our school philosophy that Every Child Matters, we aspire to ignite the joy of learning in every student; develop their diverse strengths and interests; nurture an intrinsic motivation to learn through imbuing them with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for lifelong learning; and ensure every child has a good start in life to access opportunities at every stage of their lives regardless of their starting point.  

Undergirding this aspiration, we aim to empower our students to be self-directed and skillful learners, committed to engaging in joyful and impactful learning. We will also enhance opportunities to enable our students to experience and measure success in more holistic ways and to encourage them to focus on improving their own strengths, rather than to outdo others through peer comparison and competition.

As a school, we will relentlessly explore every opportunity as well as harness technology to maximise our students’ inquiry processes and critical thinking, scaffolding their effort, as well as kindling and supporting their passion to learn. Besides the core curriculum, the school will leverage our distinctive Applied Learning Programme - Literacy Through Photojournalism and Learning For Life Programme - Character Building Through Outdoor Experiential Learning; Talent Development Programme; and Partnership Programmes with student mentors from RGS and NJC. These customized programmes will help our students to develop the confidence and skills they need to succeed in life, as well as enable them to acquire the competencies needed to be future-ready learners.

The school is confident that as a cohesive school community and working in close collaboration with the School Advisory Committee, parents, stakeholders and partners, we will provide rich and meaningful experiences for our students to achieve the desired student outcomes of a confident person, self-directed learner, concerned citizen and active contributor.

We wish everyone a fruitful 2022.


Mr Chua Choon Guan                            


First Toa Payoh Primary School