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Principal's Message

Warmest greetings to all of you. We hope you have had a good mid-year break.


We are glad to share that the first half of 2019 has been a very enriching and purposeful one for FTPPS, with infusion of joyful learning experiences that seek to enthuse and unleash the potential of every student. Notwithstanding the rigour of the school’s academic curriculum, our staff, students and stakeholders have been working together to develop the ideas of Joy of Learning, Entrepreneurial Dare and the Singapore Spirit within and beyond school. We have made good progress in translating them into actions to harness the joy and the dare in our students and to drive innovation in the various domains.  These efforts will continue to be enhanced in the next six months of 2019 to form an integral whole in bringing out the best in our students, and advance their lifelong learning in the years ahead.


Broadening Students’ Experience


Equipped with upgraded and new facilities and leveraging technology and competent staff, the school seeks to broaden our students’ learning experiences. Greater opportunities are facilitated for students to discover their interests and talents, and develop life skills, a sense of curiosity and the love for learning. These include more exposure to the arts and music, drama and dance, photojournalism and outdoor education.


The school takes great pride in its Applied Learning Programme (ALP) which serves to enhance Literacy Through Photojournalism.  It is heartening to see our students picking up photography skills at a young age and learning to articulate their thoughts and inspirations through their shots. Through focusing on environmental and community issues and in their quest for the perfect shot, students also learn perseverance and patience and what it takes to be a concerned citizen and an active contributor.  


Likewise, the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) embraces Character Building Through Outdoor Experiential Learning. It is well revered by the students as it provides invaluable opportunities for learning through self-discovery and helps nurture them to persevere. Through outdoor and sports education involving land and sea adventures, as well as cohort-based activities such as dragon boating, kayaking, inline skating and bowling, our students inculcate important values and life lessons beyond classroom learning. They work with their teammates to solve challenges in unfamiliar settings and learn to be adaptable and resilient, ready to tackle future challenges in their life journey.


The school has also created more informal and less structured learning spaces such as The Tinkerium and LifeSkills @ FTPPS for our students to explore and learn new skills, with the tag line ‘Every New Skill, A Better Me’. Broadening our students’ experience has helped them discover the joy of learning and cultivate a positive attitude towards schooling and lifelong learning. It enables students to develop confidence and independence, and experience diverse pathways of success beyond academic domains.

Collaboration to Embrace All Learners


Enriching our students’ education will always be a work-in-progress as we continue to push boundaries to prepare and ready our students for the future. We will continue to create opportunities for all our students to engage with, and actively apply their learning. When students see the purpose of what they are learning, they will be inspired and motivated to go further than we are able to imagine.  


I wish to thank my School Team, the School Advisory Committee, the Parents Support Group, our students’ parents/guardians and community partners for the invaluable effort and support rendered to the school and students. Our collective effort has borne commendable outcomes for our students and provided the impetus for them to soar to greater heights. We are grateful for this synergy and look forward to another year of success in 2019.


Mr Chua Choon Guan                            


First Toa Payoh Primary School