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School Logo, Song & Uniform



The School Logo consists of each of the first letters of the school name, FTPP, that converge on a target. The different shading of the letters represents the four schools that have come together to form our new school, ‘S’ shown in the centre.

The words of the motto, “MAKING IMPACT” also converge on the target centre to symbolize our focus on achieving success and excellence in our school. From the target centre, the motto and school letters radiate outwards to symbolize our mission to impact on the lives of not only our children but their families, community and beyond.


Here's a place we learn what is right and wrong

Here's a place where our bodies will grow strong

Our hearts and minds learning throughout our lives

This is our mission song

We will hold on to each other's hand

Learn to love the beauty inside each one

As we grow together to do all we can

We will fly higher and higher


Love and trust is what we'll hold on to

Persevere with openness in all that we do

Stand firm with respect and integrity

This is what we aim to be

In First Toa Payoh Primary


The world is our home

Different yet connected

We'll leave a mark of unity

As a living legacy

Composed by Clement Chow

School Uniform

One would have to look closely at the fabric of the school uniform to notice this interesting fact: the numeral 1 is a motif of the fabric.

We have the unique distinction of being the first primary school serving the Toa Payoh residents since 1968.

As our students proudly wear this mark of distinction, we would like them to aspire to be No. 1 in character and in the many areas of their development.