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To develop passion and excellence in the arts

To immerse our learning community in a stimulating environment to develop passion and excellence in the arts

FTPPS 4Es Aesthetics Framework

Aesthetics department aims to bring out the passion and excellence in the Arts through programmes such as Literacy Through Photography (LTP), Knowing Great Artists and Art and Music Instructor Scheme (AMIS) Programme. To bring about the mission of the department, every student will go through the FTPPS 4Es Aesthetics Framework – Experiment, Exploration, Exposure and Expression

Experiment- Broad- based learning of Art/Music across the level

Exploration- Broad- based application of learning of Art/Music across different platforms to enhance and broaden the Arts experience 

Exposure - Broad- based opportunity to participate in Arts learning journeys and assembly programmes 

Expression -  To showcase students’ artistic talent at various platforms

2019 Programmes

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2018 Programmes

FIRST Clicks – Literacy Through Photography (LTP) 

As part of the school's Learning for Life Programme (LLP), all students from P1 to P6 participate in the Literacy Through Photography (LTP) programme where they learn to articulate their thoughts and inspirations through photography, reflections and jounals. Students are exposed to different photography tools ranging from the basic acrylic viewfinder, iPad, paper camera, compact camera to the professional DSLR cameras, over a 6-year progressive journey.

The LTP allows the students to develop attributes of a confident person, concerned citizen and self-directed learner as they embark on learning individually and in close collaboration with their schoolmates. In the course of learning and quest for the perfect shot, students learn perseverance and patience. Collaborating with one another also exposes them to different perspectives.





The opportunity to create beautiful crafts using simple items during Art@Recess allow students to hone their creativity and to be self-directed learners. It is a fun-filled experience for everyone. 






Buskstop@Recess built upon the 21st century skills of developing confident individual. Pupils were given a performing platform where they could unleash their musical talent and express themselves aesthetically. During the 4-day event, pupils sang, danced and played musical instruments in solo or group for a crowd of audience during recesses. It is a musically enriching moment for all!



Students listened and sang local and national songs during Karaoke@Recess. The programme is held every Friday for both recesses. Videos with lyrics were flashed for students to follow in choral singing. It is a musically enriching moment for all!



Classical Peekaboo@Recess

During Classical Peekaboo @ Recess, students were exposed to classical music from the 17th century. They learnt about the musical work and biography of classical composers such as Mozart and Beethoven. Students had fun playing classical tunes using iPad apps.



Knowing Great Artists

Students learnt about the lives and works of great artists such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky. They will then recreate the artwork using their own interpretation.