Student Leadership

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Mass Student Leadership Training

Every Child, A Leader 

‘Every Child, A Leader’ is an initiative that allows every child in First Toa Payoh Primary School to have a leadership role

Leadership provides a platform for the display of Respect, Responsibility, Love, Integrity and Perseverance.  Through the appointment of leadership roles, students would have more opportunities to put these values into action every day.


The prefects in First Toa Payoh Primary School are selected based on the STARR framework as shown below:


To be a prefect, they should adhere closely to the following principles:

  1. Be a role model by being proactive and putting first things first,
  2. Show love to others by seeking first to understand, then to be understood,
  3. Be respectful to people around us by thinking win-win.

The purpose of the Prefectorial Board is to identify and develop students with leadership qualities.

They undergo training which aims to enhance their leadership skills, strengthen their relationships with fellow prefects, and build self-confidence. These active contributors are given leadership opportunities by being actively engaged and involved in various school events, and performing prefect duties.

Our prefects have been sharing with the school on their reflections and thoughts on the Focus of the Week. They share with their peers on how to be a leader, by observing the 7 Leader in Me Habits and school core values. 

This not only builds their self confidence, but also impact on the student body positively.  This is in line with our whole-school-approach to developing the Leader In Me habits in every FTPPS student. Behind the scenes, they also perform their duties to maintain discipline in the school. For example, operating of the PA system in the Hall during assembly, recitation of the pledge during the singing of the National Anthem in the classrooms as well as performing duties at different areas of the school during their recess or rest time.