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To develop confident and independent learners of the Mother Tongue Languages through                            developing listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.


Achieving Excellence in Learning and Developing Good Character.

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Learning Approach

To instil the interest and enjoy the learning of Chinese Language, Chinese Department make use of the advancements in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) as an invaluable tool for enhancing the ways our teachers and students teach and learn.

We will also continue to expose students to culture and values through MTL learning.

We also take into consideration different students’ learning needs, and help students develop essential 21st century competencies such as self-directed and collaborative learning.

Signature Programmes

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Programme

Tick, tick, tock. Tick, tick, tick, tock. Tick, tick, tock. 
Bright crispy sounds fill the air of the corridors on the P3 level of the school. The students in their Chinese Language classrooms holding pieces of bamboo in their hands and clapping them together to create a unique rhythm that resounds through the air. They are actually learning a traditional Chinese Artform known as Kuaiban (快板) or bamboo talk and the pieces of bamboo are called bamboo clappers.


Bamboo talk is one of the oldest Artform in China and equally exciting for the other students included mask painting, clay sculpting, ink and wash painting, rod puppetry and writing on bamboo slips. These activities serve to let students be immersed in the traditions of a culture that stretches back for thousands of years.




CNY Celebration

To educate the pupils in the culture and traditions of the Chinese during this festive season, every year we invite Xin Yuan Community Care’s elders regardless of ethnicity to involve in the celebration of the Chinese New Year and share the happiness to the less-fortunate.







Chinese Language Enrichment Module (CLEM)

P1 CLEM was implemented in July 2017. It allows students with the interest and ability in Chinese to learn the language at a higher level in their early foundation years. It develop students into proficient language users who can communicate in a confident, effective and meaningful way in real-life situations. Competent in 4 language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as, spoken interaction and written interaction skills. It also develops in students a deeper knowledge and understanding of Chinese Culture.

Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme 

CEPS aims to strengthen its efforts to develop students to become proficient users of the language. Our Chinese teachers will bring students different levels to watch Chinese Cultural Performances, e.g. Plays, Dramas, Movies.

The aims of introducing CCM programme  are two-fold: 

a) to strengthen social cohesion among the races in Singapore; and

b) to enable Singaporeans to have some grounding in the language so that they could more easily  pick up the language should they need it for economic or other reasons in adult life.