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To develop confident and independent learners of the Mother Tongue Languages through                             developing listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.


Achieving Excellence in Learning and Developing Good Character


Learning Approach

Malay Language

The Malay Language Department aims to achieve quality results through quality teaching and learning.

  • We inculcate co-operative learning skills in our classroom teaching.
  • We hope to achieve academic excellence in a non-threatening learning environment.

Signature Programmes

Malay Language
Mass Lecture for P5 & P6 during Supplementary lessons for 1 term.

National Competitions

  • Creative Writing Competition by EDN Media
  • Soliloquy Competition

P1 to P2 Programmes

  1. Show & Tell
    Students share an artefact with their classmates and answer questions.
  2. Reading
    • Buddy Reading Programme
    • Reading Logs & Badges
    • 10 minutes Reading
  3. ICT – 10CMT