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To develop confident and independent learners of the Mother Tongue Languages through                             developing listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.


Achieving Excellence in Learning and Developing Good Character

Learning Approach

The Malay Language Department aims to achieve quality results through quality teaching and learning.

  • We inculcate co-operative learning skills in our classroom teaching.
  • We hope to achieve academic excellence in a non-threatening learning environment.

Signature Programmes

Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme

Every year, our ML students went through Mt fortnight as part of their learning and love for the language and culture. The students did various activities for the different levels.

P1: Traditional Games

P1 students had fun playing Malay traditional games such as ‘Tarik Upih’, ‘Lereng’ and ‘Bola Tin’. They also learn how to play as a team and help one another. 



"Saya berasa seronok dapat bermain Tarik Upih bersama kawan saya." - Eshan , 1 RY

P2: Speech & Drama

Our P2 students had a speech & drama session. The children enjoyed learning from the trainer. They explored movement in drama and speak confidently. 




"Saya belajar banyak perkara tentang aktiviti ini." - Umairah, 2LO

P3: Silat

P3 students got the opportunity to learn Malay Martial Arts, Silat. The students listened and followed instructions closely to ensure that they were doing the actions correctly.


"I learnt how to defend and protect myself." - Aliya, 3RT

"I learnt how to punch and kick properly. - Elias, 3RT

P4: Kompang

P4 students learnt how to play Malay traditional musical instrument called the Kompang. Generally, kompang is played in weddings and official ceremony. The students learnt to play the kompang beats. 


"I find playing kompang in different ways is interesting."- Noorsalizah, 4RY

"I found it interesting that it is more difficult to hold the kompang while standing than sitting down." - Leann, 4RT

P5: Dikir Barat

P5 students were excited to know more about dikir barat and performed it. Students were taught the correct techniques for dikir barat such as clapping and voice projection. They even had the opportunity to wear a vest and a headgear called tanjak.They performed Wayu Bulan, accompanied by Rebana beats.


"I learnt how to sing loudly, clap, move my hands and project my voice all at the same time." - Alysya, 5RY

"I learnt the beats of Rebana Ibu and how to do the dikir barat actions." - Mateen, 5IN

P6: Seni Khat

P6 students learnt Jawi writing, an old Malay form of writing. They were fascinated to be able to write their name on a cloth pencil case for keepsake. Besides that, students learnt about the history of Jawi and the correct technique of writing. 



"I learnt the different types of Jawi letters & when the writing started.- Nabilah, 6IN

"I like when we get to write our name in Jawi." - Delisha, 6PE

P1 to P2 Programmes

  1. Show & Tell
    Students share an artefact with their classmates and answer questions.
  2. Reading
    • Buddy Reading Programme
    • Reading Logs & Badges
    • 10 minutes Reading
  3. ICT – 10CMT