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To develop confident and independent learners of the Mother Tongue Languages
through developing listening, speaking, writing and reading skills. 



Achieving Excellence in Learning and Developing Good Character

Learning Approach

The Tamil  Language Department aims to achieve quality results through quality teaching and learning. We inculcate co-operative learning skills, ICT and interactive tools in our classroom teaching. We hope to achieve academic excellence in a non-threatening learning environment.

Signature Programmes

Learning Journey to Little India Pongal Festival

Pupils of P4 and P5 went to Little India to participate in the Pongal Festivities. It was an opportunity not be missed as they had a chance to see cows and goats at arms-length. They also took part in all the hands-on sessions like saree/vetti tying, Kolam drawing, cooking of pongal rice and village dancing.



MTL Fortnight

Various cultural activities were organized for our pupils. All pupils participated in these with enthusiasm. These activities helped them to be aware of their cultural roots and activities.

MTL Fortnight1.jpg

MTL Fortnight2.jpg

Learning Quest

Pupils participating in the various activities carried out during the Learning Quest

Learning Quest1.jpgLearning Quest2.jpg


P1 to P2 Programmes      

Show & Tell

  • Students share an artefact with their classmates and answer questions.


  • Buddy Reading Programme
  • Reading Logs & Badges 
  • 10 minutes Reading 


  • 10T’Sigaram -2016

Pupils of P1 and P2 access this portal to do extensive reading during curriculum time 3 times a  week. This program helps to improve pupils’ reading and spoken Tamil.

P3 to P4 Programmes  

10 mins Reading session every day
Stretch and Support Programme
MT Fortnight Activity : Level Based cultural activities for P3 – P4 pupils
iMTL Portal for P4 
Chutty Mayil Magazine

P5 to P6 Programmes

MT Fortnight Activity : Level Based cultural activities for P5 – P6 pupils
Friday Reading sessions (P6)
iMTL Portal 
Chutty Mayil Magazine