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Parent Support Group


The Parents Support Group (PSG) of First Toa Payoh Primary comprises parent volunteers whose children are studying or have studied in the school. The aim of the PSG is to provide a platform for networking between parents and the school so that the school could meet its objectives of providing a holistic education for the children.


To work in partnership with the School and parents, in support of holistic education


  • To fully support the school’s effort in providing a holistic education
  • To work hand in hand with the school and other parents to nurture our children to be caring, self-disciplined, responsible and compassionate in order to meet the challenges of the future.
  • To believe and trust the school in their mission
  • To provide support and participate actively in activities organised by the School and parents
  • To provide opportunities for parents to network, volunteer and contribute to the school


  • Respect
We trust and respect one another, regardless of race, language and religion.

  • Responsibility
We take pride in serving and show enthusiasm and initiative in all that we do.

  • Love               
We care and love one another with respect and dignity.

  • Integrity        
We uphold confidentiality and can be trusted with responsibilities.

  • Perseverance
We work as a team and support the school to the best of our abilities.