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Parents' Testimonial

Hear what our parents have to say about MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh!

Thank you for a wonderful 2 years with MOE kindergarten. Thea is already missing the teachers and school greatly. It is indeed a very well curated curriculum , the teachers are perfectly selected for their roles and are well train for their task. The center holistic approach to each child is very well balanced, from take great care of physical to emotional and mental well being of each child while inserting teachable moments throughout the day in school. The staffs exhibits a lot of geniune love, care and concern to every child. I sincerely hope all the kindness and love are equally given to the staffs in the center and are well compensated for their efforts to making this wonderful journey possible.

You will all be missed

A very big thank you

Parent of Thea Tan, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

We would like to express our gratitude to all the teachers whom have helped Umar in his journey at MK First Toa Payoh for the past two years.

The care and education rendered to Umar has been wonderful. As this is a first for Umar in learning environment, we felt the transition from home to school has been pleasantly good. His fear of school became love and he looks forward to go to school to learn. And that we feel is good.

He is now more open to making friends, speaking up and expressing himself. His penmanship improve along with his conversational skills. He loves talking about the experiences in class. There is also a sense of responsibility when he is tasked with home activities from school. All this is testimony to the environment MK@ First Toa Payoh has built for students.

We would like to thank Maam Yvonne, All the teachers whom have helped Umar in his learning journey, Teacher Angel, Teacher Saleha, Cikgu Nur, Teacher Ananthi, Han Laoshi and team with all the care rendered. We are truly thankful and trust Umar would be prepared for his transition to his next step in his learning journey.

Thank you very much

Parent of Umar Bin Normann, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

MK @ First Toa Payoh provide a comprehensive educational environment for my child Josh Lim. The Teachers and staffs are able to share and relates their knowledge to the children effectively. Josh is able to share with us what he had learn in school.

MK @ First Toa Payoh also provided a safe and clean environment for the children, therefore as parents, we are able to focus at work, knowing that our child is well taken care of.

With the holistic teaching syllabus in English and Mother Tongue Language, children are able to learn and express themselves in both languages.

I would like to thank all the teachers and staff at MK @ First Toa Payoh for their efforts and professionalism in teaching our young generation especially in this difficult Covid-19 period.

I look forward in sending my 2nd child to MK @ First Toa Payoh. Thank you.

Parent of Josh Lim, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

Quality of education has been great and the child looks forward to MK everyday. The curriculum was sufficient and invokes curiosity for them to dive into the subject independently even after school hours. Our child enjoys the spacious environment with segregated space for different activities. The preparation for preparing the child to have a smooth transition to primary school was sufficient.

Parent of Lim Yu Tong, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

We are very happy having Cherisha to have studied in MOE Kindy, we can see how Cherisha is very happy whenever she's going to school, meeting great friend  and learning at the same time. Other than that, we can see that she's very happy in making artwork and sharing it to us when it's completed. I feel that MOE's focus in continuing to spark creativity in kids are very-very good. In terms of transitioning to primary, we may not be able to comment much as Cherisha stopped going to school since May. Thank you so much for everything, we do believe that MOE provides one of the best learning environment to spark creativity and curiosity in our kids. Great Job!

Parent of Cherisha Raphalyn Wibawa, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

I am glad to have chosen MK@First Toa Payoh. I find that the quality in teaching meets good standard. We are always greeted with Warm and friendly Teachers and Ms Yvonne too! It was a well organized learning environment in MK as it provides learning centres and not forgetting playing area. These 2 years have indeed made Waycolnn an enriching experience and he is ready for his primary school! Kudos to all the Teachers and staffs!

Parent of Ng Waycolnn, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

The quality of education in MOE Kindergarten has surpassed our expectations. We are thoroughly pleased with our choice of sending Matin to MOE Kindergarten. With the school fees being very affordable, the quality of the preschool experience however, was not compromised at all.

The use of HI-Light and Starlight Literacy components of the teaching of English brings about an abundance of opportunities for the students and teachers to explore language and literacy. Students are also able to learn numeracy skills, motor skills along with social and emotional development.

We enjoy talking to him about the things that he learnt in ‘Discovery of the World’. We can also see that he truly enjoys his learning in MK.

For both English and MT though, perhaps at K2, the children can be exposed to writing earlier in the year.

The learning environment is very student-centric and engaging. It allows plenty of room for self-discovery and exploration. It makes them excited about coming to school to learn.  Matin has definitely learnt a lot through the purposeful play and interactions in the conducive environment that MK provides.

We feel that MK has adequately prepared Matin for the transition to primary school. He has learned some basic knowledge and social skills that will hopefully better prepare him for primary school.  We are also very thankful to his teachers who have shown him lots of love, care and guidance throughout these 2 years.

Parent of Matin Elias Lo, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

I want to take this opportunity to pay tributes to the teachers who had been instrumental in Kaelyn’s development throughout the 2 years. I am confident that Kaelyn 2 years education journey with MK @ TPY forms a good part of her childhood memory lane.

Before Kaelyn’s MK journey, she was enrolled in a fully airconditioned indoor private preschool. Then she suffered from severe respiratory tract issues for more than 2 years, and she also lacked gross motor, coordination and developmental skills. More noticeably, she didn’t enjoy school and wasn’t benefiting from the curriculum.

Things took a turn for the better once she was enrolled with MK and KCare. The fully outdoor environment, sweating under the sun, outdoor play and facilities helped her tremendously. Beyond school, she started with her 2 wheel scooter, 2 wheel bicycle and rollerblading. We were astonished, and I asked her how did she manage to pick these motor skills. Kaelyn replied that at Kcare and MKcare she has plenty of opportunities to be exposed to balancing bike, tricycle and much more. Throughout the journey with MK she has also recovered from her respiratory issues and had only 1 minor relapse over the 2 years, much attributed to the complete outdoor environment. She would also come back each day to re-iterate how much she enjoys classes with MK and the things she learned. She had also managed to learn better through play. 

Though they might not be around, I would also like to commend the teachers, including Teacher Jiamin and Kong Laoshi. Teacher Jiamin always had a way around with children and had also made learning so fun for them. She has also given me valuable tips to work with Kaelyn’s gross motor and verbal skills. Kong Laoshi also has such much passion, patient and love for children, and she always gave Kaelyn so much encouragement that helped boost her confidence. Teacher Yeefung worked with me to update me on Kaelyn’s school development and was experienced to guide Kaelyn in her preparations for her P1 journey in her reading and writing. Not forgetting Han Laoshi, who had been interacting with Kaelyn throughout her 2-year journey with MK, had noticeably seen the difference and improvements in her. Teacher Farhana had also made the last few months of her journey with MK a delightful one. Ms Yvonne yourself had always been so warm to the kids!

A big shout out to these teachers; we both have benefitted so much from their passion for children and teaching. In these challenging times for teachers, especially those with kids (COVID and burnt-out), I hope my appreciation note somehow encourages them.   

Thank You!

Parent of Kaelyn Huang, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

Good facilities, nice environment and awesome Teachers! Every child is equal and unique. They deserve the best!

Parent of  Zhao Ziwen, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

Very nice playground and greenery/pond for the kids to interact in.

Parent of  Ho Kai Yi,Gareth, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

Great environment and clean classrooms.

Parent of  Jonas Chan, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

Teachers are very friendly and responsive to parents’ queries.

Parent of Jeventus Goh, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

It has been a wonderful experience so far for my son. He is happy to go to school.

Parent of Seshan , MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

Ellis is enjoying her time at school. It’s a joy to see her happy.

Parent of Ellis Tan Xin Yi, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

Nice environment and great teachers. Jiahao enjoys the class in MK. He shares with us what the teachers teach him every day. He is very excited every morning going to MK.

Parent of Lei Jiahao, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

I am glad to enrol my son in MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh. The MK facilities are great for kids to explore their learning journey. The teachers are patient and kind. My son feels excited going to school every day.

Parent of Wesley Chong, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

We have been able to put our trust in the MK and KCare to provide a caring and nurturing environment. The teams are creative, enthusiastic and warm. The Teachers are sensitive to the needs of every child and I have a great sense of relief knowing Jaesen is well cared for and well taught. The engaging curriculum was one of the main reason for me to switch from a full-day childcare centre. I’m heartened to see his progression and joy of learning in MK@First Toa Payoh.

Parent of Jaesen Tan, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

My daughter is enjoying herself in her new school and getting to know her new friends. She particularly loves the outdoor activities, such as the musical garden, sand and water play. We appreciate Malay Language being taught in the school. Aayla gleefully tells us the new words that she learns in school. Overall, Aayla’s experience has been positive and most importantly is that she is enjoying herself and looks forward to school every day.

Parent of  Aayla Gill, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

The teachers in the kindergarten are patient in answering all my queries regarding the well-being of my child. I have had the chance of interacting with both the AM and PM MK teachers and they are experienced in caring for and teaching the children. The classrooms provide a holistic environment surrounded by lush greenery amidst a lovely fish pond. My child enjoys going to the kindergarten. Thank you to the lovely teachers.

Parent of  Evan, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

Loved how teachers conduct their lesson. Example, introducing book title and author before reading the book. Teachers delivered lesson well, proper use of language, piqued children's interest, enriching their mind. Administration is organized and parents are sufficiently informed. I greatly appreciate despite that  busy timetable for teachers, they make efforts to follow up and keep me informed on what they think is necessary for me to know regarding my child. Nothing is too small for them and greatest assets are teachers. I wish MK all the best and keep on moving brilliantly!

Parent of  Qistina Nifal Johannes, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

We are very happy about our choice to have our boy in MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh. Not only does it have a fantastic and very welcoming setting within the First Toa Payoh Primary School, where one feels safe and very well taken care of, but the attention given to the children by everybody, from the School Principal to the Teachers and even the Security Staff is really great!

We also feel that the very generous space, the outdoors playground and being co-located in a primary school are relevant advantages for our boy. He definitely enjoys his days greatly and we surely recommend this MOE Kindergarten.

Parent of Kimi, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

After 3 weeks at MOE First Toa Payoh, these are my feedback. The overall environment is clean, spacious and conducive for the kids' playing and learning. I observed the teachers from  MK and KCare  working closely to ensure that the kids are well taken care of.  I appreciate the teachers' timely and frank feedback on my child's behaviour in school. This helps us as parents to play our part to correct our child's behaviour. The Bi-weekly Update also helps us as parents to be aware of our child's learning progress, this also enables us to engage him better with things that he learnt from school. On the whole, Eugene is enjoying school and we are happy with the MK and KCare.

Parent of Eugene Siow , MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh

Reuben used to attend a nursery where he would be in school for just a few hours a day. I was worried at first if he would he okay to be in school for a full day. My fears were unfounded!

Not only does he love going to MK, he wants to go MK every day if possible! Every weekend he will hound us about going to school and be disappointed when we remind him there is no school on Saturday and Sunday. 

He is adjusting so well, coming back with smiles and always singing the songs learned in class & sharing with us what activities the carried out. He loves his teachers too and it’s not a surprise. They are patient, caring, loving and are very well trained. I’ve seen them in action during orientation and in the mornings. The teacher and student ratio is good. They can handle the kids so well and it’s all in all a very happy environment. 

Amenities wise, MK@First Toa Payoh is clean, brightly lit and has interesting learning tools and curriculum. It isn’t rote-learning based, it is founded a lot in creative play and exploration. This will come in handy in Primary School later on because even in that level, kids are required to think out of the box more than they used to. Being able to dialogue, ask questions and step out of the box to explore are precious skills. The kids become inquisitive learners and that’s what I want for my boy.

I have friends and relatives whose kids enjoyed MK so much and turned out well so it bolstered my confidence to give MK a shot. I’m so happy we did. It’s the perfect school for our boy in terms of environment and learning style.

Parent of Reuben Asher, MOE Kindergarten @ First Toa Payoh